The Alchemist

The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho.   “A Fable About Following Your Dream”

After doing the piece on the SOUL in November I was blessed with the synchronicity of this audio book showing up at the right time and place in my life.  I had just had eye surgery so was unable to read so started doing the audio thing.  The Alchemist is the story of a journey of the SOUL through the life of a sheepherder.  It was a beautiful book and so helped the passage of time beginning my journey over the next few months in which Maggie will be a new person.  The second eye is scheduled for Tuesday.  The magic is I will never need to wear glasses a gain.  Time will answer all.  Kind of scary.  I have a real hard time doing nothing so this is a real learning curve.  Who would believe you would have to learn how to do nothing.  Really.

I am looking forward to working on this blog as a new-be there is so much to learn.  So be back in December, hopefully.   Have fun, stay save. Hugs to all.  Maggie

Simple Abundance For November

Caring for the Soul

Soul created on the sixth day.  After the dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angles.  After light was called forth from the void of darkness.  After morning and evening were delineated.  After space and time,  After air, fire, water, earth.  After the sun, moon, and stars were hung in the heavens.  After the Universe began spinning.  After its power was switched on and its energy was charged.  After the music of at the spheres began the celestial concert.  After the beasts ran upon at the fields and birds soared.  After the garden was in full bloom.

Only after all was made ready and the Great Creator pronounced it very good only then, was it the Beloved’s moment.  For the Beloved to be known through all eternity as Soul was sent into the world on Devine breath as Spirit laughed and cried.  Soul was born in both joy and pain.  Divinity was to live and move and have its ring in a creature made of mud.  And so it was said.

Through the ages many have tried but still cannot unravel or fully reveal the mystical nature of our souls.  We are not meant to understand the essence of Soul but we can come to know her.  For we were created for no other reason than to love, nurture, nourish, protect, inspire, delight, charm, and comfort the beloved presence within each of us.

Today, be willing ask your Guest “Soul” what she requires to make her stay more pleasurable.  Ask ofter: “What do you need at this moment?  What would bring you peace, contentment, joy?”  It may be to slow down, take walk, hug someone, caress a cat.  Flip through a magazine.  Call a friend.  Take a nap.  Order Chinese carryout.  Watch a favourite movie.  Have a good cry.  Turn in early.  Dream.  Fantasize.  Meditate.  Whatever it might be she will tell you.  Ask.

There is a beautiful thing inside you that is thousands of years old.                                      Too old to be captured in poems.                                                                                                          Too old to be loved by everyone                                                                                                               But loved so very deeply                                                                                                                                              By a chosen few                     Nikita Gill                                                                                                              


Maggie Getting Older

Version 2

Maggie is Getting Older and very excited about this new chapter of her life. Maggie will explore with you many options for enjoying your life. I hope to cover subjects and suggestions that will make your life uncompleted. Sharing adventures in getting older will be informative and fun.

I have always wanted to help seniors find information on everything out there from, medical, housing, travel, finding coffee friends, dating, and yes even sex. I would like to share ideas, opinions, questions with answers all on a chat line.  I have so many ideas I can’t wait.

So hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride. Here we go. Lets have fun.